Sunset's Teacher and Employee of the Year 2017 - 2018

          Teacher of the Year 

                                                      REBECCA SIZEMORE


Bravo Employee of the Year


      Dr. Josh Purvis
Assistant Principal 
      Jessica Crawford

Pre-Kindergarten Teachers
  Joan Ball

  Whitney Boatright
 *Michelle York

Kindergarten Teachers
   Joy Ausburn
   Jenny Brown
   Tammy Clayton
   Stacy Griffin
Lori Ward
First Grade Teachers
   Jeanie Brinson

   Monyana Coasey     
   Ron Crosby

   Dottie Lott
   Carrie Rowley

Second Grade Teachers
    Andrea Griner
     Dena Mathis 
     Alana McCoy
     Becky Null
  * Tammy Stripling



Third Grade Teachers
   Dr. Malinda Hall  ~ Math/Science/SS

 *Shannon Hall ~ Math/Science/SS
   Leah Hill ~ ELA/ Writing/ SS
   Rebecca Sizemore ~ ELA/ Writing/ SS

Fourth Grade Teachers

    Sandra Jackson ~ Math
    Jennifer McCant ~ All
  *Dr. Delicia Peacock ~ ELA/ Reading
    Annie Walker ~ Writing/ Science/ SS

Fifth Grade Teachers
     Myra Gant ~ Math
     Deirdre Gay ~ Writing/SS
     Carli Vick ~ ELA/Reading
     Tina Zeigler ~ Science



Office Staff
     Susan Corley
     Shirley Hampton
Support Staff
    Patience Hicks

Physical Education 
Amy Davis

Science STEM Lab
    Misty Nemeth

Math Lab
     Karla Howell

Reading Lab
     Staci Cortez

   Blake Bruce

Media Specialist 
   Cindy Walsh

Social Worker 
Angie Kling

    Martha Belcher (K-2nd Reading) 
    Angie Sheffield (3rd -5th  Reading)
    Kim Booth (2rd-5th Math)

Academic Coach/ Technology  Specialist
     Paula Wyatt

Traci Chastain

     Diane Smith
    Emily Hammack

    David May

Resource (self-contained class)
      Angie Saldanha

    Katie Knox
    Amy Key
    Mandi Tucker

Lindsay Mims

    Wanda Hill

Gifted Education
 Kayla Sellers


Holly Beard
Fifi Brown
Lea Champion
Harrell Gant
Andre' Gay

Angela Hall
Angie Hall
Tim Kelshaw

Teresa McCracken

Heather Morris

Jessica Naquin

Teri Payne
Delinda Russell- ISS and Copy Room
Lori Tyson

Melissa Weathers

Lucille  Williams
Barbara Gail Willis
Ashley Wilson

Custodial and Cafeteria

Custodial Team

    *Billy Bynum
     Ocie Florence

Cafeteria Team

   *Dana Bivins
     Leanne Clayton
     Angela Ellis
     Kaye Hornsby-Cashier
     Felicia James
     Mary Robinson
     Freddie Williams